1. Traditional New Year festival of Miao ethnic group marked in China's Guangxi2018-01-16
  2. Scenery of Shihfen Waterfall in SE China's Taiwan2018-01-15
  3. Rubber Duck displayed in Yunnan2018-01-14
  4. Elderly woman makes traditional clothes of Yao people in S China's Guangxi2018-01-13
  5. 12th Int'l Circus Festival held in Budapest, Hungary2018-01-12
  1. 2,018 cute snowmen displayed to greet year 2018 in NE China's Harbin2018-01-11
  2. Craftsmen make silver jewelry for upcoming Spring Festival2018-01-11
  3. Cultural relics of ancient Chinese dynasties displayed in NW China's Xi'an2018-01-11
  4. Classic Pingju shows staged in N China's Hebei2018-01-10
  5. Icy Wonderland attracts tourists in NE China2018-01-10
  1. University students' snow sculpture competition concludes in Harbin2018-01-09
  2. Jewelry of Ming Dynasty on exhibition in east China's Jiangxi2018-01-08
  3. Snow and ice decorate waterfall at Yellow River’s upper reach2018-01-07
  4. Chinese dance drama to make American debut at Lincoln Center2018-01-06
  5. Wintersweet blossoms seen in Zaozhuang, China's Shandong2018-01-05
  1. Swans seen at Yellow River Wetland in N China2018-01-05
  2. Intangible cultural heritage lessons introduced into school in Tianjin2018-01-04
  3. In pics: hearing impaired woman and her paper sculpture workshop2018-01-04
  4. International ice sculpture competition kicks off in NE China2018-01-04
  5. People in Taiwan’s Jinmen raise five-star red flags to mark New Year2018-01-03
  1. China sees movie box office of 8.6 bln USD in 20172018-01-03
  2. Int'l ice sculpture competition held in NE China's Harbin2018-01-03
  3. Beijing parks receive 580,000 tourists on New Year holiday2018-01-02
  4. 2.6 mln visit exhibition on China's 5-year achievements2018-01-02
  5. Pic story: Inheritors of Xiangdong Mask of Nuo Opera2018-01-02
  1. Hundreds join New York polar bear plunge despite cold snap2018-01-02
  2. Fireworks show held to celebrate New Year in China's Hunan2018-01-02
  3. People welcome New Year in San Francisco, U.S.2018-01-02
  4. People enjoy festive lanterns in Wuhan, C China's Hubei2018-01-02
  5. Folk performance held in Shandong to greet new year2018-01-01
  1. Married Miao women go back to parents' home with New Year gifts2017-12-31
  2. China Gold Record Awards ceremony held in China's Kunming2017-12-31
  3. Chinese cuisine can integrate into current health food trends, say experts2017-12-30
  4. Chinese artist makes 2018 pieces of doggie dough figurines ahead of New Year2017-12-30
  5. Students show culture education in Fuzhou, southeast China2017-12-30
  1. Ballet troupes stage performance during China Int'l Ballet Season2017-12-29
  2. People of Dong ethnic group celebrate Dongnian festival in S China2017-12-29
  3. Students attend traditional culture classes in east China's Shandong2017-12-29
  4. People of Dong ethnic group celebrate Dongnian festival in S China2017-12-29
  5. Students promote traditional Chinese culture in S China's Fujian2017-12-27
  1. Replicas of Tang Dynasty cultural relics seen on Xi'an street2017-12-27
  2. Scenery of Mount Foguangshan in Kaohsiung, SE China's Taiwan2017-12-27
  3. Replicas of Tang Dynasty cultural relics seen on Xi'an street2017-12-27
  4. Ice and snow festival celebrated in Hulun Buir City, north China2017-12-27
  5. A look at New Year Paintings in SW China's Sichuan2017-12-26
  1. Robin Williams honored in San Francisco with meadow named after him2017-12-26
  2. China reiterates frugality ahead of New Year holidays2017-12-26
  3. Pic story: Yuan Dongjue repairs ancient Chinese books in Sichuan2017-12-26
  4. NCPA holds open day to mark 10th anniv. in Beijing2017-12-26
  5. 2017 Greater Khingan Ice and Snow Festival closes in N China2017-12-26
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